Humanity and Nature by the Baltic and Adriatic Seas


The students participating in the project “Humanity and Nature by the Baltic and the Adriatic Seas” studied and compared the National parks, nature reserves and conservancy in Lithuania and in Italy. The project has played an import role in educating and fostering respect for the environment.

The project evolved on two planes.

THE SCIENTIFIC plane focuses on the acquisition of information on the concept of ecosystem and protected area, their characteristic flora, fauna and soil. Activities included:

cognitive – study activities, research, elaborations of diagrams, grids and file cards-typical medicinal plants. Prof. Fabio Taffetani from Italy working at Universita' Politecnica Delle Marche - agraria in the dipartimento di scienze ambientali e delle produzioni vegetali (department of environmental science and of vegetable production) who teaches botanica sistematica (systematic botany) took part in the partnership.

pragmatic – outdoor experiences: trekking, orienteering, collection of specimens which allow for the exploration of the landscape and a direct knowledge of it.

THE HUMANISTIC plane takes into consideration what contact with nature implies, a first - hand experience in an eco-structure with all its physical, social, cultural, historical and biological elements. Activities on the humanistic plane:

Emotive – an immersion in an uncontaminated natural environment gives rise to sensations, feelings, thoughts which inspire the production of nature diaries, poems, sketches, paintings, photos, etc.

Cultural – studies on writers and artists from various periods and countries who note the importance of closeness to nature for the total well-being of man.