Baltic and Adriatic seas pollution

Baltic sea pollution
Baltic Sea is in a "critical" condition and in danger of dying unless pollution from the Russian city of St Petersburg is drastically cut.

Baltic sea fish

Half of the fish species in the Baltic sea are at levels below the critical biological level, while pregnant Swedish women are being warned not to eat herring - a staple diet - because of dioxins

Baltic sea oxygen level
The World Wildlife Fund in the Baltic seaport of Stralsund said low oxygen levels have rendered around 70,000 square meters of the sea uninhabitable.


Baltic sea water

Baltic Sea only has a narrow outlet to the ocean - between Sweden and Denmark - the water takes 25-30 years to refresh itself.


Adriatic sea pollution


Adriatic sea oil pollution

Tankers and big vessels are two causes of pollution in Adriatic seas. This is due to the economic aspect of Italy because, in Adriatic sea, deep sea fishing is well developed.

Adriatic sea problems

Not only tankers and big vessels are the causes of Adriatic sea pollution but also the wastes of industries in the interior. In fact last year there was a great problematic in the river Po because industry released pollutant in it.

Adriatic sea turism pollution

Turism increase the amount of pollution and waste the delicate marine of the beaches
Sea pollution is determined by the man himself. Sea will be dirty and polluted in the future if man won’t fight with his own pollution.